Can you explain the Shipley Method of Proposal Writing? Is it considered one of the best approaches?

There are so many ways to approach writing a proposal for a government RFP. Is the Shipley Associates method one of the best? Why?

Answer: The Shipley Method is focused on business proposal development. If you are looking to develop a proposal in response to a government RP, you might look at our collection of example proposals on this site (most are for government grants) and proposal development tutorial and a proposal template that takes the guess work out of developing your boilerplate proposal.

Don’t forget to check out great resources in our Proposal Writing Books category on writing a proposal available at Amazon. Again, check out our custom collection of real life funded proposal examples.


  1. sarayu says

    It is considered one of the best approaches.
    Ref: http://www.shipleywins/com/news. The three aims of the guide of proposal writing by Shipley Method are:
    1. Help individuals and organisations win competitive business more effectively, efficiently and consistently
    2. Offer clear guidance to business development professionals that is practical and easy to find and
    3. Record best-practice guidelines.

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